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Leave The Grunt Work To Us.
Take the Paperwork out of Tax Preparation. GruntWorx is a secure web-based application that automates the time-consuming tasks of organizing and populating client tax data into Drake Software.
Take the Data Entry out of Tax Preparation. Free preparers and reviewers to focus on higher value activities by automating data extraction and population into Drake Software.
Take the Waiting out of Tax Preparation. Time savings of up to 40% on data entry! Scan your information and move on with other projects.
Take the Monotony out of Tax Preparation. Transform consolidated brokerage statements into an Excel® spreadsheet file – no more entering tens, hundreds, or thousands of individual trade details.
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Organizes, bookmarks and labels scanned tax documents so you can easily find and review any document
Standardizes workflow with consistently organized tax workpapers
Eliminates data entry with accurate data extraction and population into Drake Software
Frees preparers and reviewers to focus on higher value activities
Transforms trade details on scanned consolidated brokerage statements into a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet file
Easily import trade details into Drake Software
Improve Productivity
Scan client documents before sending through the
tax software, saving you time and money.
Transfer data from paper-based forms and PDF
files. This technology reduces the paperwork, data
entry and wait time associated with tax preparation.

For more information visit
Gruntworx.com or call
(828) 349-5505.
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