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Save time and money by automating data entry and source file organization.

GruntWorx lets you scan and organize client tax documents, then fill forms in Drake Software automatically. Data entry and source document management have never been more efficient.


  • GruntWorx is a secure, web-based service, and is affordable, quick and easy to use.
  • Improve your productivity and increase profitability with data automation and time savings.
  • Works within Drake Software and Drake Document Manager on 1040 returns.

How Does It Work?

GruntWorx offers the following job types:

  • Organize – organizes, bookmarks, and labels scanned tax documents so you can easily find and review any document. Standardizes workflow with consistently organized tax workpapers.
  • Organize LITE – All the features and benefits of Organize, except without human validation. Provides a more affordable path to paperless automation.
  • Populate – eliminates data entry with accurate data extraction and population into Drake Software. Frees preparers and reviewers to focus on higher-value activities.
  • Trades – transforms trade details on scanned consolidated brokerage statements into a spreadsheet file, which can be imported into Drake Software.


For more information visit Gruntworx.com, sign up for a Webinar, or call (828) 349-5505.

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Our Customers Say …

“We are very happy with our decision to go with GruntWorx technology. We’ve taken an already successful area of our firm – tax preparation – and made it even more profitable. If other firms would deploy a scan-and-populate technology such as GruntWorx, that firm would be more profitable … guaranteed."

Jim Bourke, CPA, CITP, CFF, CGMA
Partner – Withum Smith & Brown

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For a free trial, contact Drake Software at 828-349-5505 or GruntWorxsupport@drakesoftware.com.

Purchase compatible scanners at discount prices: //www.gruntworx.com/support/scanning/

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