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Online Resources

Click – for product documentation, software updates, plus access to these online tools:

  • Knowledge Base – Constantly updated and enhanced with troubleshooting help and business strategies and software issues, to the latest tax news. Moderated by Drake employees.
  • State information – Information on reject codes, e-file mandates, addresses, and e-filing explanations and instructions.
  • Viewable EF Database – Real-time status of e-filed returns. Rejected and accepted returns, checks that are available for printing, and multiple reports.
  • Broadcast email – news about Drake updates and happenings in the tax industry.


Create, organize, and find documents, without ever needing a paper copy.

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Free with Drake Tax, Drake Documents is an electronic storage solution for client source documents and returns. It greatly cuts paper handling and the amount of paper documents that you have to store.

You’ll save money by using less paper and toner, and by cutting the staff time needed to search, sort and shuffle paper files. Plus, Drake Documents frees up floor space normally devoted to cabinets full of customer files.


  • Modeled after a physical filing system using filing cabinets, drawers and folders to organize your documents
  • Customizable document organization
  • Integration with Drake Tax – easily create and electronically store PDF versions of tax returns
  • Import and export features let you move or copy documents from one location to another
  • Integrated email – send copies of documents to anyone
  • Multi-year storage capabilities – grows with your business


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