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Click Support.DrakeSoftware.com – for product documentation, software updates, plus access to these online tools:

  • Knowledge Base – Constantly updated and enhanced with troubleshooting help and business strategies and software issues, to the latest tax news. Moderated by Drake employees.
  • State information – Information on reject codes, e-file mandates, addresses, and e-filing explanations and instructions.
  • Viewable EF Database – Real-time status of e-filed returns. Rejected and accepted returns, checks that are available for printing, and multiple reports.
  • Broadcast email – news about Drake updates and happenings in the tax industry.

Which platform do you need for Drake Software?
We've got you covered!

No matter where you need or want to use Drake, we bring the latest technology to your tax office.

Drake on the Desktop

  • Drake Tax Software
  • Client Write-Up
  • Document Manager

Drake Hosted Desktop

  • All the power of Drake on the
    desktop, but in a convenient and
    maintenance-free web-hosted

Web-Based Solutions

  • Prepare and file personal returns
    in your browser
  • Zero install, zero updates, zero

An extensive accounting package with modules for payroll, bookkeeping, contractor payments, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and "on-the-fly" forms, and more.

SecureFilePro™ is a secure client file exchange web portal, letting you and your clients exchange confidential documents securely and conveniently.

Save time and money by automating data entry, investment trades, and source file organization, all from within Drake Document Manger.

Accept your customers' credit and debit cards as payment for your services with our exclusive tax industry credit card processing program.

Your customers can pay taxes owed by deit or credit card within Drake Software, or after filing, at a dedicated tax payment website.


Drake is well-known for its top-notch customer service and support.
We think of it as the secret to our success - and yours.

Take a look at some of the free support services we offer.
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